10 Best Trampolines for Kids – Comparison & Reviews


Trampolines are designed to be used by kids as well as adults. However, it is often the kids who demand for a trampoline and the parents buy it for them. In this article, we will show you our collection of the best trampolines for kids so that you can choose a perfect and suitable trampoline for your children. So, if you are looking for the safest trampoline for kids then you have reached the right place.

When you decide to buy a new trampoline, you need to check its size, shape, build quality, material, price, warranty and other details. You don’t need to go through the hassle of looking hundreds of trampoline models in market. Because we have shortlisted the best trampolines for kids to reduce your hassle and save your valuable time. Kindly, take a look on our selected trampolines and choose one for your kids and then use it for years.

10 Best Trampolines for Kids

Best Trampolines for Kids Reviews

The best trampolines for kids can be divided into two categories which are trampolines for 3 to 6 year old kids and trampolines for 6 year & older kids. Now, we will provide detailed reviews for top 5 trampolines for kids of each age group separately. We suggest you to take a look on these reviews to find out a suitable trampoline for your kids.

Best Trampolines for Kids of 3 to 6 Years

When your kids are younger, the small size trampolines are more suitable for them. Here we provide the 5 best trampolines reviews for 3 to 6 year old kids as under:

#1. Little Tikes Trampoline

Best Trampoline

Little Tikes is a 3 foot trampoline designed in round shape. It looks quite simple and is very easy to use for younger kids. This best trampoline for kids provides a large jumping area so that your child can jump on it without having the fear of falling out. It also has a handlebar which your child can hold as a support while jumping on it.

The Little Tikes Trampoline is made by a combination of high quality metal and plastic. It is sturdy enough to hold your child’s weight up to 55 lbs at a time. The handlebar is padded with foam to provided added safety to your child. The springs are also covered with a cover to prevent the child from touching or falling on the trampoline springs.

This trampoline is designed for indoor use, so you can always supervise your child when s/he is jumping on it. The jumping surface is large but it is recommended to allow only one kid to jump at a time. This little trampoline will help your child to stay active, have hours of bouncing fun and burn off their energy. It is suitable to use by 3 to 6 year old kids.

What Is Good:

  • Large Jumping Surface for A Comfortable Experience
  • Combination of Metal and Plastic Provide Durable Use
  • Padded Handlebar Provides Support to the Child
  • Trampoline Legs Keep It in Place When Child is Jumping
  • 55 lbs Weight Limit Allow Any Child to Use the Trampoline

What Is Not Good:

  • It’s Not For You If Your Child is More than 55 lbs

#2. Skywalker Mini Trampoline

Best Trampoline for kids

Skywalker Mini Trampoline is a perfect trampoline for your child. It has all the safety features that you expect from the best trampoline for kids in present time. It comes in 40-inch size and round shape to provide your child convenience of jumping on it. It also has a handlebar and enclosure net to offer complete safety from 360 degrees i.e. all directions.

The handle bar is padded with foam to protect the kid from hitting the metal. The enclosure net is directly sewn to the jumping mat, so there is no gap between them. When your child will play & jump on this trampoline, s/he will never get caught in the gap. It also has four enclosure poles that hold the enclosure net tightly to keep it in place and prevent the child from falling out.

All four enclosure poles are padded with foam for child’s safety and provide long lasting performance. The Skywalker has used high quality stretch bands in place of springs. The springs are made of steel and may be harmful for the child. Therefore the company has used stretch bands that provide good bounces and are more safe for the kids.

What Is Good:

  • It Offers Six Color Options to Give You More Choices
  • 3 Year Warranty on Frame and 1 Year on Other Materials
  • Kid Can Hold Handlebar to Jump Safely without Falling
  • Enclosure Net Keep the Child Inside While Jumping
  • 100 lbs Weight Limit Allows Any Child to Play on It

What Is Not Good:

  • Some Users Complain that It is Difficult to Set Up

#3. The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Kids Trampoline

trapoline for kids

The Original Toy Company is known for its high quality products. This simple looking trampoline is one of the best trampolines for kids you can buy. The Fold & Go Kids Trampoline is 36-inch in diameter and it has a handlebar to provide necessary support. The kid should hold the handlebar while jumping on the trampoline to feel safe and enjoy higher jumps.

The trampoline does not come in ready to use condition. But its assembly requires only five minutes. The manufacturer has included its assembly instructions with the trampoline. You just need to get it out of the box, unfold it, screw on the legs, attach the handle and your trampoline is ready to use. It helps ADHD kids and kids with autism to utilize their natural abundance of energy.

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline is made from high quality metal and plastic. It does not have springs which may hurt the kid or break down after long use. The handlebar is also padded with foam to keep the kid safe while using the trampoline. It is a heavy duty trampoline with the maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs at a time.

What Is Good:

  • Handle is Padded with Foam to Protect the Kids
  • 150 lbs Limit Allows Heavy Child to Jump on It
  • Does Not Have Springs, Very Safe for the Kids
  • Assembly Process Takes Only Five Minutes
  • Also Suitable for Kids with Special Needs

What Is Not Good:

  • Disassembly is Not As Easy As Claimed by Manufacturer

#4. Pleny Kids Mini Trampoline with Handle

Pleny Kids Mini Trampoline is one of the safest trampolines for kids. It comes with a fully padded handrail which is hardly seen in any other trampolines. Most trampolines offer padding on top of the handrail i.e. half protection, while this trampoline provides full protection to your kids and save them from directly hitting the metal.

The Pleny Trampoline is available in two attractive colors of princess pink and navy blue. So, you can choose the color that your kid love the most. You know that the color of trampoline won’t make difference in its performance but it will bring a big smile on your child’s face. This trampoline is capable to hold the weight of up to 220 lbs at a time.

It comes with 36-inch diameter to provide enough play area to the kids. The overall height is 30-inch which makes the kids feel comfortable while using the trampoline. The kids should hold the padded handrail for support while jumping on the trampoline. The springs are hidden with a padded cover to prevent kids from falling on the springs.

What Is Good:

  • 220 lbs Weight Limit Makes It A Heavy Duty Trampoline
  • Fully Padded Handrail Provides Complete Protection
  • 36-Inch Diameter Offers Enough Jumping Area
  • Handrail Provides Support to Kids While Jumping
  • Easy to Assemble Design, No Need of Hardware Tools

What Is Not Good:

  • You Can Not Fold It When Not in Use

#5. Sportspower My First Trampoline

Sportspower My First Trampoline is a simple trampoline for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with 84-inch (i.e. 7 foot) size to provide a large jumping area. The kids of 3 years to 10 years can play and jump on this trampoline. It has sturdy legs that stay on the ground to keep the trampoline stable while the kid is continuously jumping on it.

The trampoline frame is made of heavy duty galvanized steel to offer long lasting use. The frame is covered by the foam padded cover that also hides the springs. The jumping mat is made of high quality material to withstand outdoor weather conditions. With such heavy duty construction, this trampoline is capable of bearing the weight up to 100 lbs.

This Sportspower trampoline is surrounded by enclosure safety net. It has six enclosure poles that hold the safety net tightly to protect the kid inside. The enclosure net prevents the kid from falling off the trampoline while jumping & playing on its surface. It has zipper door on front of enclosure net to provide easy entry and exit to the trampoline.

What Is Good:

  • Provides 360 Degrees Enclosure Safety Net Protection
  • 100 lbs Weight Limit is Enough for One Child
  • Zipper Door on Net for Easy Entry and Exit
  • 7 Foot Diameter Provides A Large Jumping Area
  • Lightweight Design Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

What Is Not Good:

  • Some Users Complain that Its Assembly is Not Easy

Best Trampoline for Kids of 6 Years & Above

The small trampolines are designed for younger kids. As your kid become 6 year or older, s/he would like to jump on a bigger trampoline. Therefore we have found the 5 best trampolines for kids of 6 year & above. Here we provide reviews of each trampoline in detail as under:

#1. Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Round Trampoline

Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk is a 12 foot round trampoline. It comes with the patented no gap enclosure system and a basketball hoop. It is the best trampoline for kids of 6 years & above. The enclosure net is directly sewn with jumping mat, so there is no gap where kids can pinch their finger or toes while playing on the trampoline.

The 12 foot diameter and round design provide enough play area for one or two kids at a time. The enclosure net prevents the kids from falling outside while jumping on the trampoline. The springs are located outside the enclosure net, so the kids will never fall on springs. It has 200 lbs weight limit which is quite impressive and suitable for multiple kids to play at the same time.

The jumping mat, enclosure net and springs cover are made of high quality materials. The springs are protected with padded blue cover to save them from weather effects. The Skywalker has added a basketball hoop and foam ball to allow your kids to play jump and dunk game while jumping on the trampoline. It will keep your kids entertained for hours.

What Is Good:

  • Basketball Hoop Provides More Fun and Entertainment to Kids
  • 200 lbs Weight Limit to Allow Multiple Kids At the Same Time
  • No Gap Enclosure System Provides Added Protection
  • 96 6.5-Inch Rust Resistant Springs for Superior Bounce
  • T-Sockets in Frame Increase Stability and Prevent Twisting

What Is Not Good:

  • Ladder is Not Included, Need to Buy It Separately

#2. Zupapa Round Trampoline for Kids

Zupapa Round Trampoline is available in 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot and 15 foot size options. You can select the trampoline size based on the space available in your backyard. With 2023 upgrade in its design, this round trampoline has no gap between jumping mat and spring cover as they are tightly sewn with each other. So, your child will never get caught in such gap.

This trampoline has a sturdy, rust resistant frame made with hot dip galvanizing technology. It has six W shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points. So, this Zupapa Trampoline will remain stable even if your kids are constantly jumping on it. It also includes six steel wind stakes which will keep the trampoline in place during high winds and storms.

The trampoline contains 108 high quality galvanized steel springs. These rust resistant springs will provide a good bounce and long lasting performance. The 15 foot trampoline has weight capacity of 425 lbs which is quite impressive. It is the best trampoline for kids with a large jumping surface and heavy weight capacity.

What Is Good:

  • 425 lbs High Weight Limit Makes It the Best Trampoline for Kids
  • 108 Galvanized Steel Springs Provide Superior Bounce
  • 6 W Shaped Legs Keep the Trampoline Stable During Use
  • Jumping Mat and Spring Cover Sewn Together to Prevent Pinching
  • Ladder Provides Easy and Quick Access to Trampoline

What Is Not Good:

  • Some Users Claim that Assembly Instructions Are Not Clear

#3. Skywalker Round Trampoline

Skywalker Round Trampoline is a 15 foot big trampoline for kids. It is designed for the kids of 6 years and older. You can install this beautiful trampoline in your backyard to give your kids hours of bouncing fun. The Skywalker has built this trampoline from heavy duty frame and high quality components to provide long lasting performance.

This trampoline frame is made from heavy gauge galvanized steel. The frame is sturdy enough to provide heavy use of trampoline on everyday basis. It also has six W shaped legs which keep the trampoline in place when kids are jumping on it. The frame and legs are rust resistant, so it is safe to keep the trampoline outside in all weather conditions.

The enclosure net is surrounded around the jumping surface to save kids from falling out. Moreover, there is no opening or gap between jumping mat and net to provided added safety. This Skywalker trampoline is capable for 200 lbs weight at a time. So, you can allow two to three kids to play at the same time on this trampoline.

What Is Good:

  • No Gap Enclosure System Provides Added Safety
  • Enclosure Net Protects Kids from Falling Out While Jumping
  • Large Jumping Area Allows Multiple Kids to Play Together
  • Heavy Duty Frame and Legs Provide Great Stability
  • UV Resistant Mat, Net and Cover Offer Long Lasting Use

What Is Not Good:

  • Does Not Include A Ladder for Easy Access

#4. Fashionsport Outfitters Round Trampoline

Fashionsport Outfitters is a 5 foot round trampoline. It is designed for outdoor use, so you need to install it in your backyard. If you have a limited space in your backyard then we suggest this trampoline as a perfect fit for you. It comes with a beautiful color combination of green and yellow to enhance the overall appearance of your backyard.

The Fashionsport trampoline comes in a space saving design to fit easily in your backyard. It is not too heavy to move, so you can take it inside your house during the rainy season. The frame is made from heavy duty rust resistant steel to provide great strength and durability. It offers the higher weight limit of 220 lbs so that you can allow 2-3 kids to play at the same time.

This trampoline has three sturdy steel legs that keep it stable all the time. It has a high quality enclosure net all around the jumping surface to prevent the kids from falling out while playing. It also has six enclosure poles that hold the enclosure net in place. The poles are also padded with foam to save kids from hitting on steel.

What Is Good:

  • Zipper Door on Front for Easy Entry and Exit
  • 220 lbs Weight Limit to Allow Multiple Kids
  • Sturdy Steel Frame and Legs for Added Stability
  • Poles Are Padded to Prevent Kids from Hitting Steel
  • Convenient to Use Outdoor As Well As Indoor

What Is Not Good:

  • Users Claim that Jumping Area is Small for Multiple Kids

#5. Bounce Pro Trampoline with Flash Light Zone

Bounce Pro Trampoline is the only trampoline in our collection that contains a flash light zone. When you take a look on this trampoline, you will see an illuminating light at its bottom. The light creates a beautiful appearance and will attract the eyes of your kids. It comes in 12 foot size to provide enough play area to multiple kids.

The Bounce Pro Trampoline has six heavy duty steel legs that keep it stable on the ground. The legs and frame are made of rust resistant steel to provide long lasting performance. It has a high quality enclosure safety net surrounding the whole jumping area. The enclosure net keeps the kids safe and prevent them from falling out while jumping on the trampoline.

The jumping mat is made of UV resistant material, so it won’t fade or discolor due to sunlight. It has high quality steel springs to create a better bounce with every jump. This 12 foot trampoline can bear the weight of up to 220 pounds at a time. Overall, it is a good trampoline for kids who want to play during the day time as well as night time.

What Is Good:

  • Flash Light Zone Enhance the Beauty of Trampoline
  • Heavy Duty Frame and Legs Provide Great Stability
  • UV and Water Resistant Materials for Long Lasting Use
  • 12 Foot Diameter Provides A Large Jumping Surface
  • Poles Are Away from Enclosure Net for Kids’ Safety

What Is Not Good:

  • Some Users Received It with Missing Parts

Are Trampolines Safe for Kids?

This question arises in every parent’s mind when they read or hear about number of kids getting injured by using trampolines. As a parent, you always want your kids to be in safe environment but your kids want to jump & play on a trampoline, so you need to buy it. Are trampolines safe for kids? This question is very complicated still we will try to give an answer.

The trampolines brand take care of kids’ safety and therefore they make the trampoline frame and components from highest quality materials. They provide an enclosure net to keep the kids safe from falling out while jumping on trampoline. They hide the springs under padded cover and they also provide a ladder which the kids can use to easily enter and exit the trampoline.

In addition, you should assemble the trampoline perfectly in your backyard. Thereafter, you need to check the trampoline frame, mat, enclosure net, springs, spring cover and ladder one time in a week. If you find any part of the trampoline in damaged condition, you must not allow your kids to jump on it before that part is get repaired or replaced.

In this way, the trampolines are made of safe, sturdy and durable materials. But you need to check the condition of trampoline in your backyard on weekly basis. The final advice for you is that you should always supervise your kids when they are playing and jumping on trampoline. Even if everything is fine, your supervision will help them play with manners and safety.

FAQs About Trampoline for Kids

When you are buying a new trampoline for kids, you have plenty of thoughts in your mind. Because you care a lot about your kids’ safety and you want to know if the trampolines are really safe for kids. Here we provide some frequently asked questions and their answers in brief. We hope that these FAQs will be helpful to clear your queries and doubts as well as make your trust stronger about the best trampolines for kids in our collection.

Q.1 Which brand of trampoline is the best?

As per our opinion, we should not choose the trampoline by considering only its brand. We should check its build quality, components materials, size, shape, price and warranty details. We should also check what other customers are saying about that trampoline.

If you still insist us to give the name of a brand then we would say “Skywalker” is the best brand of trampoline because it has many years of experience in making high quality and durable trampoline models. The Skywalker also provides great safety features in its trampolines.

Q.2 Is it OK for my 2 year old to jump on a trampoline?

The small trampolines are designed for the kids of 3 to 6 years and the big trampolines for the kids of 6 years & above. It means the minimum recommended age to play on a trampoline is 3 years. If your child is 2 year old then it is NOT OK for the child to jump on a trampoline.

Some parents believe that they can allow their 1.5 or 2 year old child to jump on a trampoline and nothing will happen. Please note that the 2 year child can jump on a trampoline but the risk of bone fracture is much higher if the child falls on his/her own hands or legs. Therefore we strongly request you not to allow your child to jump on a trampoline before s/he becomes 3 year old.

Q.3 What is the best size trampoline for a 12 year old?

A 12 year old kid cannot jump on the mini trampolines which are designed for 3 to 6 years old kids. A 12 foot is the best size trampoline for a 12 year old kid. You should buy a 15 foot trampoline if you want more than one kids to jump on it at the same time.

Final Words:

All the information provided above about the top 10 best trampolines for kids reviews is true and fair. We have mentioned all high quality trampoline models which you can buy and install in your backyard. In case you have a query about any of the trampolines, you should go to the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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