10 Best Tent with Screen Room in 2023 – Complete Guide


A tent allows you to relax, have rest and sleep over night during camping time. But sometimes, you may feet all packed inside the tent. Therefore we have brought the best tent with screen room for you.

The screen room is similar to sun room or porch of your house. Such tent is also known as a tent with screened-in porch and screened tent.

The screened tent has two separate portions such as relaxing room and screen room. The relaxation room is fully packed, while screen room/porch allow the outside wind breeze inside. If you are looking for such a wonderful tent then you have reached the right place.

Here we will show you some best camping tent with screen room so that you can select one for your family.

Our Top 10 Picks for Best Tent with Screen Room

When you have a good quality tent, it will make your camping time comfortable and memorable. But it is not too easy to find a suitable tent with screened-in porch from the huge variety available in market.

That is why we are here to help you in selection of right tent for your camping and other outdoor journeys. Here we provide our top 10 picks for the best tent with screen room as follows:

Best Tent with Screen Room Review

A screened tent is made of two separate rooms, it has one regular room and one screen room. In order to select a tent with screen room for yourself, you need to check hundreds of tent models available on market. But how will you know which tent has all features you want and will last for longer period? For that, you need to check features of each tent.

We have seen plenty number of tents to know which are best camping tents in present time. Here we provide our shortlisted top 10 tents with screen room which are made from premium quality material. You should check these detailed reviews to find your desired camping tent for 4 person, 6 persons, 8 persons or more.

#1. Coleman Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Separate Screen Room with Extra Ventilation
  • Up to 6 Persons Capacity
  • 5 Feet, 8 Inch Center Height
  • Weather Resistant Inverted Seams

Coleman Evanston is a dome tent with separate screen room. Inside the tent, it has enough space to fit 2 queen size airbeds. The center height is 5 feet 8 inches which is convenient for kids, adults and elderly with normal height. This 6 person tent with screen room is capable to accommodate up to 6 persons at a time. The 8 person variant is also available.

It has two separate areas, first one is rest room and the other is screen room. The screen room has extended window awnings that allow you to keep the windows open for better air circulation. It also prevents the rain from entering in side from the tent window. The mesh pockets on side of the tent are useful to store your stuff.

The screen room offers extra ventilation and bug free lounging. This tent is built with sturdy frame to withstand heavy wind up to 35+ MPH. It has inverted seams that hide the needle holes inside the tent and increase weather resistance to keep you protected against sunlight, heat, rain and other weather effects.

Coleman Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch has a few pros and cons as given below:

What Is Great:

  1. Tent Frame is Tested to Remain Stable Against Strong Wind of Up to 35+ MPH
  2. Spacious Interior Accommodate Two Queen Size Airbeds for Six Persons
  3. Extended Window Awnings Keep It Open for Enhanced Air Circulation
  4. Prevent Rain to Enter the Tent to Keep You Safe Inside in Rainy Season
  5. Screen Room Provide Additional Sleeping Area on Warmer Nights
  6. Provide Bug Free Lounging and Extra Ventilation Facility in Screen Room

What Needs Improvement:

  1. No Hole Provided for Entry of Electric Connection Wires
  2. Customers Complain that Some Area of Tent Become Wet in Heavy Rain


#2. Wenzel Klondike Family Camping Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Accommodate Up to 8 Persons
  • Dome Tent with Removable Rainfly
  • Enough Room for 2 Queen Airbeds
  • Screen Room with Zippered Mesh Walls

Wenzel Klondike is a standard screened test for family camping and outdoor stay fun. It is made from polyester fabric and polyurethane water resistant coating. Such high quality construction keep your whole tent protected from rain. It has full mesh roof and two mesh windows to keep bugs out and let the breeze for your comfort in warm summer days.

This tent has double stitched, lap felled seams that provide a shingle effect against water. All the zippers, threads and webbing of this tent are water repellent. It means your 8 person tent is protected from top to bottom against rain effects. The rainfly is removable, so you don’t need to keep it above tent all the time. You can easily remove it in winter or summer season when it is not in use.

The peak height is 6.5 feet and the Wenzel Knlondike Tent is able to accommodate 8 persons at a time. You can spread 2 queen airbeds as it contains enough room inside the tent. The main room and screen room are separated by mesh walls. You can close the zippers to lock the wall and enjoy the breeze in your separate screen room.

Wenzel Klondike Family Camping Tent with Screen Room has several pros and cons as mentioned below:

What Is Great:

  1. Contain Enough Space for Queen Air Mattress and Plenty of Space Around It
  2. Easy to Reach Storage Pockets on Tent Walls Provide Great Convenience
  3. 8 Person Capacity Allow A Large Family to Fit In with Their Luggage Stuff
  4. Vent at Back and Mesh Opening at Top Provide Hi-Low Air Circulation
  5. Superior Craftsmanship and Water Repellent Zippers, Threads to Fight Against Rain
  6. Shock Corded Fiberglass Roof Frame with Steel Upright Supports for Added Stability

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Air Circulation is Reduced When Rainfly is Covered Over the Tent
  2. Yellow Plastic Tent Pins Become Loose After It is Used for Several Months


#3. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Separate Floorless Screen Room
  • 6 Feet 8 Inch Center Height
  • Can Fit Up to 6 Persons At Once
  • Expandable Carry Bag Included

Coleman WeatherMaster comes with 17 by 9 feet foot print and 6 feet 10 inch center height. With such a large foot print and tall height, this best tent with screen room can fit six adult persons simultaneously inside the tent. Even if all six persons are inside tent, you will not feel like crowd around you. It really has a large space for your whole family.

This 6 person tent has a patent pending hinged front door that allow for easy entry and exit. It also contains a floorless screen room that provides extra ventilation for air circulation during warm days. You should stay whole day in other room and gather in screen room for lunch, dinner and meeting purposes.

The screened porch of this Coleman Tent provide additional sleeping area. There is no chance of bugs to enter when you are sleeping in the screen room. The side walls of the tents have mesh pockets to let you use them for storage of your stuff. It also has a carry bag in which you can carry the whole tent while going for camping and returning home.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What Is Great:

  1. E-Port is Provided to Let You Bring the Electrical Power in the Tent
  2. Bug Free Lounging and Extra Ventilation for Complete Rest in Screen Room
  3. Hinged Door Allow Quick As well As Entry and Exit for Kids and Adults
  4. Fit Up to 6 Persons is Enough for Small to Medium Size Family Camping
  5. 6 Feet 10 Inch Center Height Allow Tall Person to Easily Use the Tent
  6. Carry Bag Included So That You Can Easily Carry the Tent Anywhere You Go

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Bottom of the Fly Does Not Have Zippers, Not Provided by Coleman
  2. Screen Room is Floorless, It Can Affect You During Heavy Rainfall


#4. Core Instant Cabin Tent

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Provide Instant 60 Seconds Set Up
  • Electric Cord Access Port Included
  • Up to 9 Persons Capacity
  • Room Divider and Wall Storage Pockets

Core Instant Cabin Tent is a complete packages of screened tent, rainfly, stakes and carry bag. It requires assembly on arrival, but you should not worry about it. Because it takes only 60 seconds for completely assembling process. Thereafter you can instantly start using the tent. It can fit up to 9 persons at once inside the tent.

This cabin tent is equipped with H2O Block Technology. The normal seams allow the water in, but these seams are heat sealed from the rainfly down to the floor to keep the water outside. It has 6.5 feet center height that allows most tall persons get in and walk freely inside the tent. You won’t hit the head on tent top even if you are 5 feet 7 inch tall.

The Core Cabin Tent also has a room divider to provide a separate screen room. You can use this as a separate room to get privacy and enjoy bug free lounging in screen room. The large T door on side allows you to easily enter the tent and quickly get out whenever you want. The mesh windows provide better airflow to keep the tent environment cool.

Core Instant Cabin Tent contains various pros and cons given as under:

What Is Great:

  1. 14 by 9 Feet Large Footprint Allow 9 Adult Persons to Sleep inside Tent
  2. Pre-attached Telescoping Poles Provide Instant Tent Set Up in 60 Seconds
  3. H2O Block Technology and Rainfly Keep You Safe from Rain Effects
  4. Large Mesh Windows Offer Better Airflow inside the Tent for Restful Sleep
  5. Room Divider Can be Added for Privacy and Removed to Get Large Open Area
  6. Electrical Cord Access Port to Allow the Electric Wire inside the Tent

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Customers Complain that Seams Rip Off If Tent Not Used for Long Time
  2. The Zippers Are Not So Good in Quality As Expected


#5. Coleman Carlsbad Darkroom Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Maximum 6 Persons Capacity
  • Welded Corners and Inverted Seams
  • Require 15 Minutes for Set Up
  • Rainfly and E-Port Included

Coleman Carlsbad is an ideal tent with screen room for 6 persons stay at a time. It is a spacious dome tent made with dark room technology to protect you from sunlight. With dark room technology, the outer material of this 6 person tent blocks up to 90 percent of sunlight. It keeps the inside environment cool to let you have rest and enjoy the time.

This Coleman Tent not only blocks the sunlight, it also reduces the heat. It means most heat will stay outside the tent and won’t disturb your quality time inside. Not just sunlight, it also protects you against rain. The welded corners and inverted seams are capable to prevent the water from getting in so that you can stay safe even during heavy rainfall.

The rainfly over the tent provided high weather protection. In addition, you will not get affected by the wind. The strong frame will provide great stability to the tent even when the wind is blowing at the speed of 35+ MPH. It comes in very simple design for easy set up just in 15 minutes. It also has an E-Port to allow electrical wires inside tent.

Coleman Carlsbad Darkroom Tent with Screen Room has some pros and cons as follows:

What Is Great:

  1. 10 by 5 Feet Large Full Floor Screen Room to Provide Bug Free Lounging
  2. Simple Design and Conventional Pitch for Easy Set Up in 15 Minutes Assembly
  3. E-Port Allow You to Bring the Electric Power Supply Inside the Tent
  4. Keep Water Away with Welded Corners and Inverted Seams
  5. Made of High Quality Sturdy Frame to Withstand 35+ MPH Wind
  6. Dark Room Technology Block 90 Percent of Sunlight and Reduce Heat

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Customers Complain It Does Not Do Much on Blocking Sunlight
  2. The String in the Tent Pole is Not So Sturdy


#6. Core Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Made with H2O Block Technology Material
  • Very Large 11 Persons Capacity
  • Accommodate Up to 3 Queen Air Mattresses
  • 7 Feet 2 Inch Tall Center Height

Core Family Cabin Tent is one of the largest cabin tents with screen room. It comes with a large floor area of 17 feet by 12 feet to accommodate up to 11 persons at a time. A normal screened tent can fit 4 to 6 persons which is enough for one family. If you have more than 8 persons in your family then this screen porch tent is designed for you.

The center height of this tent is 7 feet 2 inch which is comfortable all medium to tall height persons. Even if your height is 6 feet tall, you can still comfortably walk inside it. In order to allow 11 persons to sleep inside, you can fit 3 queen air mattresses in its floor area. The H2O Block Technology make it water resistant and repellent to keep tent dry from inside.

This Core Tent has adjustable vents to draw cool air in from the ground. The venting system also pushes the hot air out through a large mesh ceiling for cross ventilation. It contains a fully enclosed screen room at the front of the tent. You can use it as additional sleeping area, store your stuff or sit there to enjoy bug free outdoors.

Core Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room has several pros and cons as mentioned below:

What Is Great:

  1. Fit 3 Queen Air Mattresses to Accommodate Up to 11 Persons At A Time
  2. Full Tent Floor Coverage Keep You Safe from Water During Rainy Season
  3. 7 Feet 2 Inch Center Height Allow All Tall People to Stay Comfortably Inside Tent
  4. Electrical Cord Access Port Let You Bring Electric Wires for Power Supply in Tent
  5. H2O Block Technology Prevent Water from Entering in Tent to Keep It Dry
  6. Expandable Carry Bag to Store the Bag and Carry It Anywhere You Go

What Needs Improvement:

  1. It Has Only One Door to Enter the Tent through the Screen Room
  2. Stakes Are Not So Strong, They Bend Easily by the Blow of the Wind


#7. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Polyguard Fabric and Strong Frame
  • 10 Feet by 5 Feet Large Screen Room
  • Dome Tent with 6 Persons Capacity
  • Weather Resistant Zippers and Floors

Coleman Steel Creek is a spacious camping tent with a separate screen room. The screen porch allows you to enjoy the relaxation time and stay away from bugs, debris and other disturbances. The fully floored tent with screen room provide a lot of space to sleep for up to 6 persons. The floored screen room can be used for sleeping for a guest or extra person.

This dome tent is constructed from polyguard fabric and strong frame to withstand rain and winds. The inverted seams hide the needle holes for increasing weather resistance. The tent floor is crafted with welding inspired technology. It eliminates the needle holes and protect your tent when it is heavy rainfall outside.

With extended window awnings, you can keep the windows open to enjoy increased air circulation. The window awnings also prevent the rain from entering the tent. An E-Port is provided to let you bring electricity inside your tent to run various electrical devices same as your home. It also has storage pockets that store your necessary stuff.

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room has some pros and cons as follows:

What Is Great:

  1. Fast Pitch Design and Color Coded Poles for Easy and Quick Tent Set Up
  2. Extended Window Awnings for Enhanced Air Circulation and Prevent Rain
  3. Polyguard Fabric and Strong Frame Construction for Long Lasting Use
  4. WeatherTec System and Rainfly Keep the Tent Dry During Heavy Rainfall
  5. Large Screen Room Offer Extra Sleeping Space and Insect Free Lounging
  6. E-Port Allow Extension Cord to Enter Tent to Bring Electric Power Supply

What Needs Improvement:

  1. The Poles Appear Filmsy and Not So Strong, May Break After Several Uses
  2. Rainfly Does Not Cover the Screen Room, It May Affected by Rainfall Outside


#8. Alpha Camp Family Camping Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Fit 2 Queen Airbeds with 6 Persons Capacity
  • Eco Friendly Anti UV Silver Coating
  • Large D Style Door and Side Windows
  • 17 by 9 Feet Floor Space and 80 Inch Center Height

Alpha Camp has designed this Eco friendly cabin tent with advanced silver coating. It protects the inside area of tend from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This 6 person tent with screen room is constructed from heavy duty frame, quality materials and high grade steel poles. This tent can face hurdles of heavy rain and strong winds.

It comes with a large 17 feet by 9 feet floor space to accommodate two queen airbeds for 6 persons. It has a large D style door and side windows that provide enhanced ventilation. The screen room is separate from the other room and it allows you to relax in free time to enjoy bug free lounging during the camping days.

The Alpha Camp Tent provides two large side pockets. You should store your necessary things inside the pockets to keep them handy. The tent rope is reflective that allows you to do camping even in night time. You should use the cable port to bring the electrical wire cord inside tent and enjoy lighting, fan etc. devices like your home.

Alpha Camp Family Camping Tent with Screen Room contains various pros and cons given as under:

What Is Great:

  1. Large Front Awning Provide A Camping Porch with Sun and Weather Protection
  2. Enough Space to Fit 6 Persons At Once and 2 Queen Air Beds
  3. Big Mesh Roof and Windows Provide Good Ventilation and Perfect View
  4. Connector Part of Poles Increase Ability of Tent to Stand Against Strong Wind
  5. Two Side Pockets Are Useful to Store Your Necessary Stuff Safely
  6. 6 Feet 8 Inch Center Height Allow Any Tall Person to Stay Comfortably Inside Tent

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Customers Complain that Zipper Seals Are Faulty, Allow Rain Drops In
  2. Zipper and Poles Are Not So Strong, May Not Last Longer

#9. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Lighted Tent with Screen Room

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • Built In LED Lighting
  • Separated Screened In Room
  • Illuminated Wall Switch
  • Up to 6 Persons Capacity

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster is a 6 person tent with a separate screen room. In our collection, it is the only camping tent that offers lighting inside the tent. It comes with built-in LED lighting and illuminated wall switch. If you are going on a family camping, it will improve the quality of your camping time with lights and other facilities.

The LED light is installed at the top center of the ceiling inside the tent. You can adjust the brightness of LED light from its switch. So the LED light provide enough light to let you see things clearly during night without a handy torch. It also has an E-Port that allows you to bring the electricity in your tent and use various electric devices.

The interior inside tent is large enough to accommodate two queen airbeds. It has 6 feet 8 inch center height that allows people up to 6 feet height easily stay inside tent. The WeatherTec System and Rainfly keep the tent dry from inside and provide protection against rain. It also includes a carry bag with wheels to provide tent storage and transport.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Lighted Tent with Screen Room has a few pros and cons as given below:

What Is Great:

  1. Attach Rainfly for Weather Protection and Remove It to Enjoy Natural Environment
  2. Built-in LED Lighting Illuminate Whole Tent and Provide Hands Free Reading
  3. Illuminated Wall Switch Provide High, Medium and Night Light Modes
  4. Separate Screen Room Offer Bug Free Area for Relaxation and Extra Ventilation
  5. Accommodate Two Queen Airbeds and Up to Six Adult Persons At Once
  6. WeatherTec System and Rainfly Protect You Inside From Rainfall Outside Tent

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Customers Complain that the Tent Starts Leaking After Long Term Use
  2. The Rainfly is Not So Strong, It May Not withstand Heavy Wind or Thunderstorm


#10. Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season Large Family Cabin Tent

Best Tent with Screen RoomFeatures:

  • 3 Separate Master Suite Areas
  • 1000 mm Polyester Tent Body
  • Largest 14 Person Capacity Tent
  • Tallest 7 Feet Center and Wall Height

Tahoe Gear Carson is one of the largest cabin tents with spacious interior. It is a 3 room tent with screened porch that provides enough space to fit 14 persons at a time. If you are looking for a large family camping tent or one huge tent for two families then this one is definitely a perfect camping tent for you.

It provides generous 7 feet center height and equal wall height. Such tall height allow the tall people to easily enter, walk and exit through the tent. It contains three separate master suite areas which are ideal to use by different families. The separated areas help to maintain privacy and screen room allows you to spend the restful time.

The Tahoe Gear Carson has 1000 mm polyester tent body which is capable to withstand cool and warm weather. It has a power slip near the tent door to let you bring the electric wire inside for power supply connection. The fly canopy extends out over the door for an extra large vestibule which helps to secure the tent against powerful winds.

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season Large Family Cabin Tent comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What Is Great:

  1. Up to 14 Person Capacity Allow Two Families to Go On Camping Together
  2. 7 Feet Tall Center and Wall Height Allow Everyone to Use the Tent Comfortably
  3. 1000 mm Polyester Fly and Taped Fly Seams withstand All Weather Conditions
  4. Extended Fly Canopy and Guy Ropes Keep the Tent Steady Against Heavy Wind
  5. Separate Screen Room Allow You to Rest in Cool Breeze Environment in Free Time
  6. Power Slip Near Door for Easy Power Cord Access and Supply Electricity in Your Tent

What Needs Improvement:

  1. Customers Complain that the Tent Does Not Stand without Pulling Hard on Floor
  2. Customers Claim that the Instructions Are Not Well Explained on How to Set It Up

Best Tent with Screen Room Comparison Chart

In order to know how good a tent is, you have to check its specification in detail. The size of tent, person capacity, set up time, tent type etc. are key details for each tent. If you check all these details in individual tent model, it will take hours of time which you must not waste, because time is very precious and it never comes back once gone.

Our team has shortlisted 10 best tents with screen room and here we will show you a quick comparison chart. You just need to take a look on the comparison chart mentioned below to know all key details about each of the cabin tents and dome tents included in our top best list. I hope that this amazing comparison chart will save your time and help you choose the family tent that you are aspiring for.

Tent with Screen Room Name Tent Type Tent Dimensions Person Capacity Tent Weight
Coleman Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch Dome Tent 28 x 10.2 x 9 inches 6 Persons 20.9 Pounds
Wenzel Klondike Family Camping Tent with Screen Room Dome Tent 192 x 132 x 78 inches 8 Persons 26.38 Pounds
Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room Dome Tent 41 x 10 x 10 inches 6 Persons 32 Pounds
Core Instant Cabin Tent Cabin Tent 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches 9 Persons 27.6 Pounds
Coleman Carlsbad Darkroom Tent with Screen Room Dome Tent 120 x 68 x 108 inches 6 Persons 21.3 Pounds
Core Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room Cabin Tent 204 x 144 x 86 inches 11 Persons 32.6 Pounds
Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room Dome Tent 26 x 10 x 10 inches 6 Persons 19.01 Pounds
Alpha Camp Family Camping Tent with Screen Room Cabin Tent 204 x 108 x 80 inches 6 Persons 7 Pounds
Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Lighted Tent with Screen Room Cabin Tent 204 x 108 x 80 inches 6 Persons 42.3 Pounds
Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season Large Family Cabin Tent Cabin Tent 210 x 300 x 93.6 inches 14 Persons 62.4 Pounds

FAQs About Tent with Screen Room

As every customer, you may have some questions and you are curious to know the answers. We have conducted a survey on which details people want to know about their tent with screen room or screen porch. Whether you are a frequent buyer or buying a screened tent for first time, you will get perfect answers for all the common questions. Here we will discuss all frequently asked questions about family tents with screen room and provide their answers in brief.

Q.1 How Large Should the Screened Porch Tent Be?

The size of the screened porch tent is very important because you are going to stay inside it for hours. But, how large tent is enough for you? The required largeness of the tent is dependent on number of members you have in your family. For example: You have a family of four members. So you should choose a screened porch tent with at least 6 persons capacity.

You may wonder what is the need of extra two persons’ space in your tent. Well, you always go to camping with some luggage and your luggage also require some space. That extra space will be occupied by your luggage and regular four persons’ space will be useful for your family members. Therefore you should always choose a screened tent with some extra persons’ capacity so that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable relaxation in camping.

Q.2 How Long Does Assembly Take On Screened Porch Tents?

The screened porch tents don’t provide “pop up to set up” function. You have assemble it manually and it will take some time. The time duration may vary based on the size of tent and the number of persons involved in assembling process. If the tent is too large, it will require 3 to 4 persons and up to 1 hour time for complete assembly.

A normal size tent requires around 10 to 20 minutes time for complete assembly by two persons. Some tent brands claim that the assembly will take only 5 minutes because of its user friendly and easy to set up design. Please remember that screened porch tents are larger in size compared to other tents and they require minimum two persons for a perfect assembly.

Q.3 Should You Worry About the Screened Porch Tent Height?

The height of the tent is important but you don’t need to worry about it. You just need to consider the height at the time of buying a new screened porch tent for yourself. I suggest you should know who is the tallest person in your family and find a suitable tent for that person. If that tall person easily fits in tent, other family members won’t face any problem.

You should keep in mind that the tent height mentioned in product description is measured from the center top. Other areas of tent have a bit lower height. For example: If a tent height is 8 feet, it’s at the center top and other areas will be around 7 feet tall. If you are looking for a tent for 6 feet tall person then you should choose a tent with screen room that has 7 feet height.

Q.4 How Can I Fix A Leaking Screen Porch?

The screen porch of of all screened tents is completely weather resistant. It does not allow the rain drops to enter inside the tent to protect your family. But it may happen that the tent is affected by heavy rainfall with thunderstorm for several days. As a result, the screen porch has started to leak from some places and you need to fix it as soon as possible.

When you come to know that the screen porch in your tent is leaking, you have to locate where it is leaking from. Once you find the spot from where it is leaking, you can use a seam grip or fabric to resolve the leaking issue. You can also refer product manual or ask some experts on which material is ideal to fix a leaking screen porch with accuracy. Once the leak is fixed, you can start using the screened porch tent in your camping tours.

Q.5 How Do I Prevent My Tent from Being Blown Away by the Wind?

The tent is always installed outdoor and the wind is always on. Whether it is forest or a hill station, a tent with screen room is the best place to stay. But you have to keep it safe from the wind otherwise it may blow away your tent. Generally, the tent always come with ropes and steel stakes so that you can add stability while assembling the tent.

You should install the steel stakes deep in nearby land and bind the rope one side with tent and other side with stakes. If you feel the wind is too powerful, you should tie the tent with rope and tie other end of rope with a tree. In this way, you can secure your tent firmly in position and prevent it from being blown away by the wind.


All the information mentioned above about the top 10 best tent with screen room review is true and fair. Each tent in our collection is equipped with a screened porch and some attractive features. You should consider your priorities and check our screened tent comparison chart before you buy a new tent. In case you have further queries regarding any of the best camping tents described here, you should go to the Official Amazon Website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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