9 Best Lego Display Shelves for Home [Reviews]


Best Lego Display Shelves : Lego Display Shelves are useful for placing Lego and minifigures securely. These shelves consist lego and other toys by providing a pretty look. That’s why, you can place display shelves anywhere without any hesitation. So, if you are looking for a Best Lego Display Shelves then check out our list of 9 Best Lego Display Shelves. We also discuss them briefly so that you can easily choose anyone display shelves which is convenient for you.

Some display shelves are able to consist Lego and other minifigures as well toy vehicles. Whereas some display shelves can be also used for placing books and other necessary things besides Lego. So, it depends on you that which kind of display shelves you want to buy. Before purchasing any display shelves, you should once check out its shelves numbers and Lego consisting capacity.

List of 9 Best Lego Display Shelves

Here, we are going to provide a list of 9 Best Lego Display Shelves. We have selected these display shelves as per their positive reviews. So, you can choose anyone of these Lego Display Shelves which can fulfill your requirements to place toys.

Sl. No.

Lego Display Shelves Image Lego Display Shelves Name Numbers of Shelves


1 Best Lego Display Shelves

Strictly Briks Classic BasePlates shelves


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2 Lego Display Shelves

LANGRIA 20 Cube Organizer Stackable Plastic Cube Storage Shelves


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3 Best Lego Display Shelves

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Wall Unit Bookshelf


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DisplayGifts Kid-Safe Toy Miniatures Figurines Display Case


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5 Best Lego Display Shelves

sfDisplay Minifigures Display Case Cabinet


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Femeli Acrylic Shelf Display Stand Riser


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sfDisplay Large Lego Men Minifigures Display Case Cabinet


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JackCube Design Minifigures Display Storage


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Morsbane Goods Dimensions Display Stand


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Detail Reviews of 9 Best Lego Display Shelves

Now, we are going to discuss all Best Lego Display Shelves that are mentioned in the above table. In this detail reviews, we also mention their various advantages and disadvantages. So, we hope that this detail reviews will be helpful to find out appropriate Lego Display Shelves for you.

1) Strictly Briks Classic BasePlates shelves :

Best Lego Display Shelves

Strictly Briks Classic Base Plates Shelves are Best Lego Display Shelves. It includes 4 base plates which will not easily break or bend. Each base plates can be stacked which allows your kid to make various creation. These base plates allows to create a tower, skyscraper, parking garage, castle or other many structure.

These base plates are useful for maximum play space and conveniently organize all kinds of toys. Strictly Briks Classic Base plates Shelves are available in 36 different colors. So, you can choose anyone of them that is most liked by your child. You can get Strictly Briks Base plates Shelves with such a reasonable price.

Advantages :

  1. Strictly Briks classic base plates is useful for enhance creativity of kids with such an affordable price.
  2. This base plates shelves can consist all kinds of toys from mini figure and action figures to toy cars.
  3. You can choose anyone colored shelves from gray, blue, green, lime green, sky blue and space colors.
  4. This styles of shelves encourages your kid to use their imagination for develop a vision of creativity.
  5. 30 stackers are inclusive with these shelves which allows to make tower, skyscraper, parking garage, and many more structures.

Disadvantages :

  1. The Stricltly Briks Classic base plates shelves are only recommended to use for your kid after age of 3 years.
  2. As per the reviews, the shelves need the support of two or three stackers to be stable.

2) LANGRIA 20 Cube Organizer Stackable Plastic Cube Storage Shelves :

Lego Display Shelves

LANGRIA 20 Cube Organizer storage shelves are perfect for displaying lego. You can place it in living room, bedroom and small room. This plastic cube storage provides enough space to store cloths, toys, blankets, shoes, books and many more tidy things. You can attach these shelves with their black plastic connectors. These storage shelves are also used to display photo frames and other decorative things.

All the cubes together can create a large closet for clothes, bedding and lining. Whereas you can also separate the cubes into a couple of smaller shelving units. This smaller shelving unit can be used as a side table with storage case.The instructions manual is inclusive with LANGRIA Storage Shelves. You just need to follow its easy instructions for assembling these shelves.

Advantages :

  1. LANGRIA Stackable plastic cube storage shelves can be assembled as per your desired display.
  2. You can attach these shelves as per the design you want to display for enhancing look of place.
  3. Multi-angle connectors makes quick and easy to connect the cubes as well its assembling process.
  4. The cubes of this LANGRIA has steel frames to keep the structure of this cubes solid and stable.
  5. Each cubes are capable to hold things up to 10 lbs easily so put your necessary things which has 10 lbs weight.

Disadvantages :

  1. The connectors of this plastic cube storage may broken down when you push them harshly for connecting cubes.
  2. LANGRIA stackable storage shelves are not so sturdy and reliable to last for long time duration.

3) Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Wall Unit Bookshelf :

Best Lego Display Shelves

The Convenience Concepts Design2Go Wall Unit Bookshelves has stainless steel clad poles. These poles will not rust so this wall unit easily last for long time. This bookshelves are used for displaying books as well Lego, collectible things and audio or stereo equipment. You have no need to use any other tools for assembling it.

The open shelf design of this wall unit provides sufficient space for displaying decorative things. Black wood grain finish of these shelves makes it more attractive. Convenience Concepts provides you two choices of colors that is white and black. So, you can choose any one colored wall unit that can look elegant with your interior design.

Advantages :

  1. The design of these display shelves makes it unique and eye-catching from other display shelves.
  2. Convenience Concepts Design2Go wall unit has 10 metal shelves which are quite sturdy.
  3. These shelves are connected with the contemporary stainless steel clad poles that can last for long time duration.
  4. This wall unit only needs few minutes from your precious time to be assembled.
  5. You can place your tidy to larger things easily in these shelves without any difficulties of sufficient place.

Disadvantages :

  1. Convenience Concepts Design2Go wall unit comes with high price which makes it bit inconvenient for some buyers.
  2. As per few reviews, the shelves arrives in broken condition cause of its inappropriate packaging.

4) DisplayGifts Kid-Safe Toy Miniatures Figurines Display Case :

The DisplayGifts is Best Kid-Safe Display Shelves that is made from solid beech-wood fabric. This display case is a multi-purpose display which has one side dimple. This dimple on the shelves is useful for placing golf ball. When you reverse this dimple, you will get flat shelves for placing minifigures and toy cars.

DisplayGifts Kid-Safe Display Case has a UV protected acrylic door which is safe for kids. This door is helpful for keeping dust away from the toys. The 4 shelves are able to hold up to 72 minifigures when you fill them completely. You can also gift this display case to kids on birthday or any festival. This display case is also wall mountable to save floor space.

Advantages :

  1. DisplayGifts Kid-safe Display Case has a UV protected acrylic door which is kid safe.
  2. This display case has 4 shelves which are able for consisting up to 72 minifigures easily.
  3. You can stand this display case on table top or counter top so the kid can easily play with it.
  4. The front acrylic panel is removable so you can remove it when kid is playing with minifigures or car.

Disadvantages :

  1. The DisplayGifts Kid-Safe Display Case has irremovable shelves so you cannot take them out for complete cleaning.
  2. Front acrylic panel is not so easy to remove which may create difficulties for some users.

5) sfDisplay Minifigures Display Case Cabinet :

Best Lego Display Shelves

The sfDisplay Minifigures Display Case Cabinet is made with beautiful and attractive design. This display case cabinet has 98% UV Ultra Clear front door. Its 6 shelves are capable for holding up to 180 minifigures besides large toy vehicles. As well each shelf has overlip that helps to keep Lego at their place.

sfDisplay cabinet comes with brass hinges, lockable latches and wall hanging brackets. This display case is available in three finishes that is black, oak and walnut finish. The black felt fabric background of this display case can create an attractive contrast for the Lego.

Advantages :

  1. sfDisplay Minifigures Display Case Cabinet comes fully assembled. So you just need to place it at appropriate place.
  2. This display case cabinet can hold minifigures as well other toy vehicles or large sized items.
  3. You can easily choose this display case with any finishing as it has 3 finishing are available.
  4. The cabinet is made with the wood material that’s why there are no chances of being rusted.
  5. This display case has also mounting options so you can mount it on wall easily.

Disadvantages :

  1. This Display Case Cabinet is expensive so it is not convenient choice for those buyers who want to less invest.
  2. According to the one reviewer, the locks and keys would not work properly after few months.

6) Femeli Acrylic Shelf Display Stand Riser :

Femeli Display stand has 3 tiers acrylic shelves to place lego men or action figures. This display stand riser is a multi purpose shelves. So you can use them as per your needs. You can use this display stand for placing cake pops, figures, Nendoroid or other necessary things easily. This stand riser takes only less space and consist more things by providing a great look.

The package of this display shelves includes extra screws and a screw driver. For assembling these display shelves, you just need to screw 2 legs with screw driver. And then the shelves will stand up on itself on table top. Femeli also provides 12 months guarantee with this display shelves. So, you can buy this shelf display stand without any worries.

Advantages :

  1. Femeli Acrylic Shelf Display stand delivers a clean, contemporary and transparent look.
  2. The 3 tiers acrylic stand is useful for placing cosmetics, cake, action figures and funko pops.
  3. You can easily connect the legs with stand riser tiers with the help of its screw driver.
  4. Its affordable price makes it convenient choice for those who want to less invest in lego display shelves.

Disadvantages :

  1. The Femeli Acrylic Shelf Display stand is not available in only one package. As it is available in 2 and 3 packaging.
  2. This display shelf tiers are made with the acrylic so it may broken with weighted things.

7) sfDisplay Large Lego Men Minifigures Display Case Cabinet :

The sfDisplay Large Lego Display Case comes with 8 glass shelves. From this 8 shelves, 7 shelves are removable and adjustable. This display case cabinet has a non breakable mirrored background. This background will deliver a attractive look when you place minifigures or Lego men in it. The sfDisplay case comes fully assembled so you just need to place it at right place.

This Large Lego Display Case has 98% UV acrylic door. This door will keep away dust from the Lego men and minifigures that you have placed it in. You can mount this minifigures display case on wall with the help of its hardware. The lockable latches and its keys are also inclusive with this display case. This lockable latch is useful to keep its acrylic door close for the safety of kids.

Advantages :

  1. This Large Lego display not only consist minifigures and Lego men but also consist the toy vehicles.
  2. sfDisplay Large Lego Display case looks attractive wherever you place because of its non breakable mirrored background.
  3. You have two choices for choosing this Large Lego Display case which is cherry finish and walnut finish.
  4. This display case comes as fully assembled so it not takes your precious time because you just need to place it well.

Disadvantages :

  1. The price of sfDisplay large lego display case is bit more pricey compared to the other Lego display shelves.
  2. There is no clear information about how many lego or minifigures can be consisted in it.

8) JackCube Design Minifigures Display Storage :

JackCube Design Minifigures Display Storage has 4 shelves to display and organize toys. This display storage is made with the high quality faux leather material. The modern and simple design of this display storage allows you to place it anywhere. You can place minifigures as many as you want for saving space.

This display storage shelves are available in three various and elegant colors. JackCube Design Display is available in black, brown or white color. So, you can choose anyone colored display storage that match perfectly in your home. This Minifigures Display Storage has 4 under sided strong support to hold shelves properly.

Advantages :

  1. JackCube Design Minifigures Display Storage is constructed with the high quality faux leather.
  2. You can place maximum minifigures in its 4 shelves that all has flat surface. So no one minifigure or Lego men will slipped down.
  3. This Minifigure display storage has a reasonable price that can be afforded by everyone.
  4. The modern and simple design of this display storage can enhance the look and make it stylish wherever you place.
  5. JackCube Design Display Storage comes fully assembled that’s why you just need to place it at right place.

Disadvantages :

  1. JackCube Design Display Storage has no any door so the minifigures affected from air dust.
  2. This minifigure display shelves storage is only usable for the kids with the age of 6 and up.

9) Morsbane Goods Dimensions Display Stand :

The Morsbane Goods Dimensions Display Stand comes with 4 shelves. In the each shelves, the holes are drilled with the drill press. This display stand is pre-assembled so you just have to unbox it. And then place your mini-figures or toys vehicle in all the shelves. You can place maximum 40 figures or vehicles in it.

Morsbane Goods display shelves stand is available in various colors. That’s why, you can choose anyone colored display stand for your kid. Its price is reasonable as it is a convenient for placing Lego safely. So, this is a perfect choice for those who want to buy Lego Display with enough lego consisting capacity.

Advantages :

  1. Morsbane Goods Dimensions Display stand has 4 display shelves for consisting up to 40 minifigures.
  2. The drilled holes of each shelves are not only usable for placing Lego Men but also for toy vehicles.
  3. This Display Stand is pre assembled so you just need to remove it from box and then start to place Lego.
  4. You can also mount it on the wall for saving floor space whenever kid isn’t playing with it.

Disadvantages :

  1. Bottom row of this display shelves stand has 2 small pieces of velcro that makes it inconvenient for some users.
  2. There is no warranty or guarantee are provided with it as well the customer service is not so satisfying.

How to Use Lego Display Shelves ?

To display lego shelves in a proper way is necessary in now a days. As kids would not let any Lego to remain at its right place. So, as a parent, you should display all the Lego and minifigures in a perfect shelves. There are many ways to display lego so now let’s discuss them briefly.

  • Organize Lego on shelf :

The Legos can be placed even on a bookshelf which is a great place for keeping them securely. You can choose a bookshelf or another display shelves for displaying LEGOs. If you are worried that the lego may fallen down then you can also attach large base plates on the shelves. These base plates should be attached with the glue or velcro strips.

  • Attach floating shelves :

After organizing the lego on shelf, if you need more space for placing lego then attach floating shelves. The another shelves may connected with the shelf by its connectors or screws. But most of shelves arrives already attached. So, you just need to place minifigures and lego toys in it.

  • Place a stackable hutch :

When you place minifigures and lego completely, you can also place a stackable hutch. This stackable hutch can be attached with the bookshelves. The hutch is helpful to keep toys safely without any effect of dust. However, it is not a necessary part of the process so it depends on you.

Need of Cleaning and Maintaining Lego Display Shelves :

The cleaning and maintaining lego display shelves is necessary process. This cleaning and maintaining process also enhances the life of display shelves. The air dust can easily stuck on the lego or minifigures when there is no any door available. So, you should clean this dust from toys in some time duration. The cleaning process of entire lego display shelves once in 2 or 4 weeks duration.

If the display shelves have an acrylic door then it requires to be cleaned once in a month. Whereas if the display shelves have no any door for protecting from dust then you should clean them once in a week or 2 weeks duration. So, now let’s discuss the cleaning and maintaining process of lego display shelves.

You should use a natural feather duster, microfiber cloth, brush, canned air to blow dust from Lego. After cleaning lego and minifigures, keep them out for cleaning shelves. And then wipe off these shelves properly so that dust will not remain at any corner. For cleaning lego and display shelves, you should avoid vacuum cleaners. As its powerful suction may be harmful for both the lego and display shelves.

Final Words :

So in the above discussion, we have provided you information about the Best Lego Display Shelves. This display shelves are useful to keep Lego and minifigures in a secure place attractively. We have also listed the Best Lego Display Shelves from which you can choose anyone easily. All of them are able to consist more toys by providing an elegant look wherever you place. For more information about any Lego Display Shelves, you can check it out on www.amazon.com.

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